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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little Reapers

The Little ReapersHey Blogger Buds,

I missed you! So much! BUT, I can't be back just yet. I'm going into Crazy Rivvy Mode as of late, working on a second draft. I have about 40,000 words to write in the next five days, so...yeah. That's a lot. And then there's other stuff going on...

Meanwhile, I want to share so epicness with y'all. Momo from Books Over Boys is somehow even more obsessed with the Angelfire Trilogy by Courtney Allison Moulton than I am, and she's trying to prove it to you all. The Little Reapers is in no way connected to The Hunger Games (sorry, no Effie Trinket here) but it's still so epic. And, if you need a little extra push, there's an epic giveaway! (Yes, I just said "epic" three times. I'm aware.)

Enjoy, and wish me luck with my writing endeavors!

Mischief Managed,