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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cover Reveal: Bitterblue!!!!!!

Note that "Bitterblue!!!!!!" had more exclamation points than "Inheritance!!!!!"

Hey Blogger Buds,
Sorry for missing another day. That's going to be happening a lot more often, as classes get rougher, finished drafts become more real concepts, and Glee keeps airing. (Oh Em Glee, I am the only one who is in absolute heart with Beth?) (And I am the only one who wants Kristin Chenowith to change her mind and come guest star...in the same episode as Idina Menzel?)

But today is not about TV. It is about books. A book from Most Awesome Author Ever, actually.
Kristen Cashore unveiled Bitterblue today.
Add it on Goodreads.
Kristin's original post.

Let's have a reminder of the other covers, shall we?

Graceling (The Seven Kingdoms, #1)Fire (The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, #2)

And now....

Ready for the customary cover analysis?
  • It's blue. And purple. And, in my opinion, those colors always look perfect together.
  • It has a whole face (sorta), not just an eye, like Graceling (even though the eye is focused on) or a mouth, like Fire.
  • Gorgeous border. I love those flowers, and the pattern at the top and bottom.
  • The keys! *moans* The keys! Initially, I was upset that the book didn't feature a weapon. (They've covered most of the basics already. What was I expecting? A rifle?) But, upon closer inspection, I've decided that I really don't want to be hit in the face with one of those. *shudders* *stares at spikiness* *shudders again* I'm kind of scared to see what the locks those keys match look like. And what do those locks keep...?
  • *studied key heads* I wonder what significance they'll be...?
  • Overall, I think this cover is more complex that Graceling's and Fire's. I think because it was white, Graceling seems to me like beautiful simplicity. Fire is a bit more detailed because of the coloring and the two-part weapon, but Bitterblue features THREE things, which makes it seem more detailed to me.
  • Upon closer inspection, I've noticed that there is a second eye hidden behind some flowers. And the two eyes appear to be different colors....*speculates*
  • My one tiny issue: I hate that the fonts don't match on the books. They're all the same font, but they're all different sizes and stuff. >< Still heart Bitterblue, though. Alone, it's perfect.

Okay, that's all. I'm in love. Amazing cover. One last thing before I say adios for the evening. All three covers together:

Graceling (The Seven Kingdoms, #1)Fire (The Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, #2)

Next up: foreign editions!!!! (I can't wait!)

Peace and keys,

*Graceling and Fire pictures from Goodreads. Bitterblue cover from Kristin's blog.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hey Blogger Buds,
Sorry for the MIAness. Life happens.
I've discovered what the most sadistic creatures in the entire universe are.
And I have proof.

Proof 1: We have conversations that go something like this:
Awesome Author 1: Great news! I wrote an awesome scene in my MS today!
Awesome Author 2: Good job! What's it about?
Author 1: I killed off 5 characters!
Author 2: 5? Wow.
1: Yeah! And it was soooo cool. There was TONS of drama, and the surviving characters were soooo sad, and there was blood everywhere. And it was a great fight. Lots of description and mauling and death! And it was original!
2: Very impressive. You're an author to be admired. *high five*


Proof 2: Any advice you get on writing will include something along the lines of:
Awesome Author 1: Do whatever you can to stop your MC reaching their goal. Make them suffer. Make life as difficult as you can.
Awesome Author 2: *runs off and drops grand piano on MC's family, best friend, and boyfriend.

Proof 3:
Awesome Author 1: I'm bored. What should I do? ... I know! Let's go stick my character in a dungeon!

Proof 4: Not sure about you guys, but the front page in one of my notebooks is a list. A LIVE/DIE list. The die list is longer than the live list. There's also a MAYBE list, for those with who I don't know what do.

Proof 5: In aforementioned list, my two MCs lose their loved ones.

Proof 6: I have another page in the notebook about boy-girl relationships in the same WIP. I also put down in that list if the relationship dies...along with a character.

Proof 7: I was scribbling down a scene where an MC of mine was in agony over losing their loved one. I was crying even as I made my character's perfect composure crumble.

Proof 8: Read a book. Look at the events that take place. That's proof enough.

Proof 9: You really need more?

Proof 10: I was able to come up with 10 proofs of our sadism!

Peace and pianos,