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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Fill in the Blanks

So. Um. Hi. Still alive here, if anyone was curious.
Tumblr Life kind of happened recently. That and that occasional feeling of inadequacy you sometimes experience when you've been blogging for more than two and a half years and don't even have 150 followers to show for it, while other bloggers have twice that after six months.


That's not why I'm here! And don't worry (or maybe you should?) because I plan to be on much more often, especially after all the books and ARCS I received over the holidays. (I'm really excited to read them all, to be honest.)

I opted out of "Favorites" this year, because of how pitifully little I read, and because of how pitifully little time I have. Catching up on Doctor Who really fills up my schedule. But, I can't just let the year end, can I?

Last year and the year before (wow. it's been a while) I played this "Fill in the Blanks" game, where you answer the questions with titles of books you read over the year. I got this from a blog whose link no longer leads anywhere, so I don't know what happened to it, but I believe the site was called Brooke's Reviews. I claim no credit for the questions*, and if you like the game, please feel free to join in on the fun!

Describe Yourself:
Fullmetal Alchemist
I have self-confidence. Also, magic.

How You Feel:
*screeches off-tune* There's a fire starting in my heart...

Describe Where You Currently Live:
Into the Wild
Okay, I live in a city, but same difference...

If You Could Go Anywhere, You Would Go:
The Fault on Our Stars
Is there a rift in time-and-space up there, you think?

Your Favorite Form of Transportation:
Wings of the Wicked
Also, good ones. I'm not picky when I'm running late.

Your Best Friend Is:
Little Women (Woman?)
It's hard to be grammatically correct, sometimes...

The Weather Right Now is Like:
It's dark, but pretty clear, I guess?

Your Favorite Time of Day:
Graffiti Moon
Well, any moon. But Graffiti ones are the coolest.

Life to You Is:
A Game of Thrones
Yeah, I totally don't imagine the entire world is playing a game of political intrigue. Neeevvveer....

You Fear:
Red Moon Rising
You'd be scared to see a red moon rising too, don't deny it!

The Best Advice You Have to Give:
I am the Messenger
...so beware...

Thought for the Day:
Rules of Survival
No, I'm not telling you what they are.

You Would Like to Die:
Looking for Alaska
It would be a grand adventure, dontcha think?

Your Soul's Present Condition:
...but of what?

Well, that was fun. Have a lovely year, dearies!


*though this year I took the liberty to rephrase them a little bit, though they are still the same ones.