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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fifteen Fun Facts About Me

My life is bland, and I'm sure you don't want to hear about it. All you could ever want is in the sidebar; my interests (sleep), my favorite movie (Disney), my favorite music (boy bands), etc. So here's Fifteen Fun fActs About Me!

1)I have three scars on my forehead, all sorta parallel. They're at an angle. Facing me, it's right to left, sloping down. My right eyebrow: corner of my mother's night table. Center of my forehead (aka my harry potter scar): car accident. Left eyebrow: I've no idea.
2)I'm probably the world's worst comedian. It runs in my family, unfortunately.
3) Eighth grade yearbook editor.
4) I have a blue camo bracelet that I never take off (well, except to shower)
5) I <3 swords
6) I have been inside the eye of the storm, and it's flippin' awesome/terrifying
7) I love Oldies Music
8) I love music
9) Rain Man is an awesome movie, even though it's ancient
10) I saw Ashton Kutcher on TV before anyone, including myself, knew who Ashton Kutcher was (That 70's Show)
11) Honey Nut Cheerios are waaay better than regular ones
12) The first novel I wanted to right started out as a fifth grade short story. In sixth grade, I went to work on it. It was about feral cats. I quit halfway through seventh grade and moved onto "adult" stuff, like teenagers overthrowing powerful governments (<----example of my horrible comedy)
13) I'm just about the least-popular kid in my grade
14) I walk nearly 1 1/2 miles every day to get home from school
15) I can't sing or dance to save my life


  1. I've been in the eye of the storm, too. I was in eight grade. I'll never forget it. Surreal.

    Great blog, honey!! Good for you. I'm following you now. Come visit mine: http://writersally.blogspot.com


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