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Sunday, January 2, 2011

On Reviews/FTC

I mainly review books by choice, that I've obtained myself (library, bookstores, gifts, etc). Any books received for review will be specified as such. Book blogging is a hobby, and I am not paid for my reviews.
Any and all reviews are completely my own thoughts and opinions.

Midway Mention is an occasional feature on my blog, in which I comment on books I'm reading when I'm halfway through them. Midway Mentions are done on a whim, and there is no rhyme or reason as to which books I feature. Not all review books have MMs, and not all MMs are followed by reviews (except in the case of books received for review. If review books also get MMs--lucky you.)
Any and all Midway Mentions are completely my own thoughts and opinions.

My review set-up is as follows:
  • The book cover is on the right side (with a Goodreads link below)
  • The book summary ("blurby") is beside the cover image. (Blurbs are almost always obtained from Goodreads)
The review is broken up into two parts:
  • There is a "tl;dr version" which is just a few words, a sentence or two, on my thoughts. ("tl;dr" is internet slang for "too long; didn't read." It usually follows something long, but this is my blog, so tough.)
  • There is a "full version" which usually has an intro and three parts: A paragraph on characters, a paragraph on world building or plot, and a paragraph on miscellaneous thoughts, aka other stuff. There may be four paragraphs, in which there is both world-building and plot. All of this is subject to change, if I wish to break up my paragraphs another way.
The review is followed by:
  • A star rating based on a 5-star system (see chart to the left)
  • A song that I connect to the book. (Not always applicable.)
  • A quote that stuck out for me. (Not always applicable.)
  • A trailer for the book. (Very rare, but possible.)
My reviews are flexible, and subject to change. There is no set length for reviews, but I tend to ramble.

(Updated 9/04/12)

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