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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hey Blogger Buds,
Sorry for the MIAness. Life happens.
I've discovered what the most sadistic creatures in the entire universe are.
And I have proof.

Proof 1: We have conversations that go something like this:
Awesome Author 1: Great news! I wrote an awesome scene in my MS today!
Awesome Author 2: Good job! What's it about?
Author 1: I killed off 5 characters!
Author 2: 5? Wow.
1: Yeah! And it was soooo cool. There was TONS of drama, and the surviving characters were soooo sad, and there was blood everywhere. And it was a great fight. Lots of description and mauling and death! And it was original!
2: Very impressive. You're an author to be admired. *high five*


Proof 2: Any advice you get on writing will include something along the lines of:
Awesome Author 1: Do whatever you can to stop your MC reaching their goal. Make them suffer. Make life as difficult as you can.
Awesome Author 2: *runs off and drops grand piano on MC's family, best friend, and boyfriend.

Proof 3:
Awesome Author 1: I'm bored. What should I do? ... I know! Let's go stick my character in a dungeon!

Proof 4: Not sure about you guys, but the front page in one of my notebooks is a list. A LIVE/DIE list. The die list is longer than the live list. There's also a MAYBE list, for those with who I don't know what do.

Proof 5: In aforementioned list, my two MCs lose their loved ones.

Proof 6: I have another page in the notebook about boy-girl relationships in the same WIP. I also put down in that list if the relationship dies...along with a character.

Proof 7: I was scribbling down a scene where an MC of mine was in agony over losing their loved one. I was crying even as I made my character's perfect composure crumble.

Proof 8: Read a book. Look at the events that take place. That's proof enough.

Proof 9: You really need more?

Proof 10: I was able to come up with 10 proofs of our sadism!

Peace and pianos,

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  1. Buahahaha. I like. Never thought of authors as sadists but that is apparently very true.


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