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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays and a Contest

Hey Blogger buds!
So, I've been working on a handful of posts of awesomeness, including one to sum up my NaNoWriMoTayWay (National Novel Writing Month Take Away [ie, what I gained]).
But there are more important things to discuss. First, I'm tossing some linkage at you.
The League of Extraordinary Writers are giving away pre-orders of ALL of their awesome books that I want so go enter!
Wait a minute...*lightbulb*
*muttering to self* If all my follower[love]s enter, then I'll have less of a chance at winning...

Wait! Stop! Don't go enter. Those books are really bad and not worth your time, so just, you know, move along...*shifty eyes*
And, they're TOTALLY not giving stuff away all week. *cough*


So! Next order of business!
*sings off-key*
We wish you a merry christmakwanzakah, we wish you a merry christmakwanzakah, we wish you a merry christmakwanzakaaaaaah....
And a happy New Year /slash/ Legal Holidaaaay!
Good tidings to you, and to all of your kin /slash/ brethreeeeeeeen!

Okey-dokey. I celebrate Hannukah, the holiday of scarfing down your weight in donuts (and celebrating Heaven's Help in winning the war, but of course that's a minor detail compared to all the calories :P )
So, of course, I wrote up a list of things I want for the holidays. Don't worry, I covered the basics:
  • unicorn
  • palace
  • island
  • narwhal (they're AWESOME!!!!)
  • llama (there have have been lots of dilemmas [de llamas] in my house lately ><, though none for me xD)
  • sword
I was hoping that they'd say yes by the time I got down to the smaller stuff.
  • horse-back riding lessons
  • computer
  • cellphone
  • (new) iPod
  • camera
  • eReader
  • Of course, they could cover all five with an iPhone
  • bow and arrows
  • gift cards
  • books
  • donuts (I was hungry!)
Of course, my dad had the best line: "While everyone is celebrating X-Mas, we celebrate the day AFTER it!" That's the day of deals, of course :)

And if you haven't seen it, this vid got over two million views in a week.

Remember, while you're buying all your gifts, give a little, and donate to a local charity! Not everyone gets presents during the holiday.

Happy holidays!

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