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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soapbox Style: Blog Music

(ETA: Sorry, I titled this wrong. #rivfail)

Hey Blogger Buds,
So here's your last chance: Put lots of space between you and me, right now, because I'm about get on the soapbox. Don't worry, I'm not naming anyone here. But there's something I hate on blogs. (Run away while I'm  still lugging out my big soapbox)

Music. Videos. It drives me up the wall and annoys all but the most nonsensical (great word) words out of my head. I'm constantly listening to music, and when I open twenty blog tabs, mouthing along with Taylor or Martin or Pierre  or whoever, I don't want something else blasting out of my earbuds. Especially when the music is loud. I have to go through every one of my open tabs to find the embedded playlist, or the video, that's catching my teardrops before they land on  my guitar. (I'm trying to think about how that might possibly be metaphorical, but I got nothing.)

*steps off soapbox*

What's your opinion on music on blogs? If you have an embedded playlist or something, you're welcome to ignore my banter. If you don't want to ignore it, I'd love to hear your reasoning.
What about the rest of you? Does it annoy you too?


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  1. Music doesn't necessarily annoy me, but I do wish blogs didn't have it. Sometimes the music is interesting..but most of the time I just want it to stop! Great topic :)

  2. first of all i love your blog style..your blog banner is fantastic.you have done a great job.please put some posts related to Latest Punjabi Songs also.

    Gagan Masoun

  3. I actually have yet to open a blog that has music/videos playing on start-up. I've seen a couple blogs where a player is posted in the sidebar but requires a click to start it up. That, to me, seems perfectly alright. It allows you to share while simultaneously not imposing on anyone else's ears.


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