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Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Are Your Characters Missing? Post-Its

Hey Blogger Buds,
So I'm sitting here writing, and I have a character (several actually) with a messy desk. He seems to be looking through all of the papers for some specific information. Now, it's not just him. I have another character like this. And I realized there's one modern invention I feel bad that they're missing out on. I mean, all of my characters really need it, but it's too modern. Poor folks, didn't have the things we all know and love until the mid-1900's. What is it that my characters probably need more that I do? What is this thing that could record important information for them? This thing that I use for writing homework assignments, passing notes during class, and scribbling random good lines to use in writing?


Have you ever fully appreciated those little squares of genius? They're so awesome and useful and...

Wait. The point of this post is not to freak out over slips of paper, so I'll get it all out now.

Look at this awesome:

Okay, I'm good now. *breathes*

The real point of this post(-it) is to talk about writing. So here's a [writing] challenge. Let's see how well you know the world your characters live in. Think: 

What modern invention do your characters in your other-worldly fantasy need?

What would really help them?

PS: What my characters could really use are some machine guns. Why organize your war plans on sticky little paper when you can wipe out the enemy in one move?
PPS: They could also really use some Coke, and not the soda. Maybe it would get them off their high horses--yes, they really are on high horses.
PPPS: "So main antagonist, is your nose getting cold up there in the thinning atmosphere?"

the image


  1. I think post-its could really help them :P Who dosen't love post-its?!?!?!?????


  2. LOL. Post-it fan too! My characters can use a nice cold drink, or indoor plumbing would be nice.
    Great post!

  3. Apparently there are such things called AquaNotes, which is basically a waterproof notepad. Not as awesome as post-its, but...we could write in the shower!

    Oh, oh, and to answer your question: My characters could really use a 2-liter bottle of Sunkist :3


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