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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey Blogger Buds,
I'm getting a bit personal today, talking to you about more than just the surface, the cover. (That was a [bad] pun. This is a book blog. Covers don't even affect my ratings!)

Anyways, I'm going to tell you a bit about me. What I fear. It's only a bit, nothing major or profound (I don't do profound.)

On My Blog:
That I'll start a blog hop, or a challenge, and my readers will roll their eyes and press the little red X in the corner.
That my readers will all lose interest.
That I'll lose interest or run out of time to post.

In My Reading:
That I'll fall out of love with books.
That I won't find any incredible books anymore, when, in a few years, all the series I love are over with.
That I'll stop having time to read. I used to read nightly, now I only read on weekends, pretty much. And I can't go back to a favorite and reread because I have this massive stack I still have to get to!

In My Writing:
That I'll stop loving it.
That I'll stop being able to do it, and everything I put down on paper will be trash.
That I'll stop having time to do it, and enjoy it.
That, when I'm finally finished everything and can start querying, an agent will send me an email saying, "Read the book ___ by ____. Your novel is an exact copy of it.

Peace and Bravery,

PS: Sorry about Tuesday, I was busy. Next Tuesday I hope to review either Jane Eyre, or Zan-Gah. Beware...

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