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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Reads Sunday (2)

Hey Blogger Buds,
Summer Reads Sunday is a weekly meme I'm hosting throughout the summer in which you post about the books you've read and will read throughout July and August. This is a summer meme, as that is when people have the most time to read, usually, and get through more books.

List of what I plan to read this summer HERE
Last Week I Planned To Read

Forever Summer by Alyson Noel
Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman
Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Last Week I Read
Forever Summer by Alyson Noel

Right Now I'm Reading
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

My Thoughts
This week was crazy hectic, and I barely read throughout the first few days, and the last I was sleeping terribly. Most of my reading happened over the weekend.
1) Forever Summer is a two-in-one. Laguna Cove was terrible, I wouldn't give it any stars at all. Annoying characters, predictability, unoriginal, etc. The whole package. I read a few chapters, and wasted my time skimming the rest. Rating: 0 stars, don't even bother (first time I gave something 0!)
Cruel Summer was good, though. It started out terrible as well, and the writing is a bit forced, but it was cute and fun. Rating: 3 stars, mediocre. not compelling, but interesting.
2) I read HH because I didn't have access to any of the other books on my list. I absolutely adore the covers, and I'm planning on reading this this summer anyway, though I was saving it for August. I've heard great things, and I'm not disappointed. I LOVE these covers. If anyone owns Demonglass (the orangey US version) and is willing to trade, PLEASE let me know. You can link me to your wishlist in the comments, or email me, or something. But I'm slightly obsessed with these covers.

This Week I Plan To Read

Other Things I'm Planning This Week
1)A BBQ! Probably. Happy July Fourth Third everyone, and have a happy fourth tomorrow! Stay safe! Stay cool! (I've got a day off from my summer job to read and relax! Maybe I'll give you guys a bonus post.) To those of you not in the US, happy Monday!
2)A signing! Yup! After getting amazingly fed up by Books Of Wonder, I used this awesome gadget so I get info whenever they post something on their Tumblr! I just hope they mention future signings more often. (They have lots of recap posts.) In recent weeks, I missed Leah Cypess (Nightspell), Caitlin Kitredge (Iron Thorn), Caragh O'Brien (Brithmarked) and more at one signing, and Kimberly Derting (Body Finder), Adele Griffin (Tighter), Lisa Shroeder (The Day Before) and another another night. And these were only the two most recent signings!
So anyway, I'm going on Tuesday from 6-8 pm (I really, really, hope!) to see Lisa Desrochers (Original Sin), Leah Clifford (A Touch Mortal) and Courtney Allison Moulton (Angelfire)(!!!!!). I own Angelfire, and Personal Demons, so I plan to get those signed. I want to buy a book, and since I'm not that interested on A Touch Mortal, I think I'll buy Original Sin.
If you're planning on coming to the event, let me know!
3) NYC Teen Author Festival has a mini-event on Wednesday at the Jefferson Market NYPL Branch, 6:00-7:30. Find out who's coming. I may or may not go. (Blame it on $2.50 fares each way. A train ride is half the cost of a book!)
Again, if you're planning on coming to the event, let me know!

If you want to join the meme, just let me know in some way! (I may even be hosting some giveaways this summer.) 
Have a Happy Fireworks Day!
I'm once again looking for guest posts for the month of August. Let me know!

Happy summer,


  1. Oooh, I cannot recommend Anna and the French Kiss enough! I absolutely adore that book. Hope you have fun at the signing! Books of Wonder is like...my favorite bookstore ever. :)

  2. I adored Hex Hall and Demonglass, I think Sophie is absolutely hilarious! Can't wait to see what you think of Anna and the French Kiss too - I put that one of for a really long time because of the hype (I thought sure it can't live up to it all), but I fell in love with it:)


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