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Monday, August 1, 2011

Soapbox Style: Word Verifications

Hey Blogger Buds,
So it's Soapbox time again. Just a preface: I in no way am trying to insult any blogger. I never mention names. "Soapbox Style" posts are just for me to vent, and maybe shed some light. This is not a personal attack on anyone.

Okay, so I'm Soapboxing about this because I needed to find something to post, since I have no internet connection right now.

I absolutely hate when blogs have word verifications. I know, it's great for finding weird words, and it's relatively easy when you're posting a ton of comments in a row on one blog so you can win an amazing contest and you haven't slept for three days (Loooong story. I know there's a certain someone reading this right now and laughing), but it totally turns me off. I love commenting on blogs, but when I know there's a word verification thingy required, I don't. It's such a pain! I spend anywhere between twenty minutes and an hour checking blogs a day, even more on weekends because I love IMMs, including all the five minute (or ten, even) videos. I comment a lot, even if it's "Ooh! So jealous of ___!" or "____ is amazing! Enjoy!" And I'm turned off if I know from past experience that a blog requires verification.

Blogger has an amazing spam finder. Just today it caught a junk comment. My first ever real spam. So why do blogs with only a few dozen followers have  verifications, if I don't, after 100+?

If you're one of those super big blogs that gets tons of spam that sneaks past the filter, go for it. Kudos. Enjoy putting up your filter. But any average blog? Argh! ("But I don't WANNA be a pirate!" [Cookies if you know where that's from])

I absolutely hate the word verifications. (If you couldn't tell.)


PS: Hope you guys are enjoying the two weekly posts! I'm missing you!

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