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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Books That Make You Cry

We've all read brilliant lines that keep us laughing throughout the day, and most of us have read a book, or at least seen a movie or something, that brought us so close to the characters that we cried.
On Friday, I picked up Candor by Pam Bachorz. If you haven't read it, click that link and add it to goodreads or click the other link and buy it on Amazon. I'm going too write a review on this book later, but read it. Just...read it.
I've never read a book that made me cry. I want to.Even the end of Shiver couldn't bring me to tears, even though I squealed a bit.
Candor brought me pretty darn close. If I'd tried a bit harder, I could have made myself cry from it, I'm sure.

Today, I have a question, and a request.

1) What book made you cry?
2) Give me a book to read that will make my cheeks wet. You guys know what I like: YA, preferably fantasy but I'll read other stuff. Just nothing with Journeys of Self Discovery.


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  1. Hey Riv, awww I love books that make me cry. Well Harry Potter had me crying --reading the 6th and 7th book nearly killed me. But seeing as you've already probably read those.... Hmm, there's this book called No Shame, No Fear. It almost had me in tears at times. The characters in that book went through such a terrible ordeal of madness. I didn't actually end up crying, but I was close to it.

    Alas, I cannot think of anything else... I'd say Dear John but I actually have not read the book. I was crying my eyes out over the movie, and I feel Nicholas Sparks has betrayed me. I hate him so much after that. Who writes a book like that? Have you read/seen the end? IT'S TERRIBLE! Yet all of these girls in my school were like "I loved Dear John oh my gosh" and I was like "Umm what version were you watching because it was PURE PAIN for me." I literally remembering calling the guy who had been my boyfriend at the time after that movie and leaving him this message on his phone because the movie upset me that much. I told him I'd never be like that jerk in the movie. Turns out I wasn't like her at all...he was....

    Anyways, that was my rant.

  2. My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Not sure if that would be considered self-discovery but I did cry.

  3. I haven't cried at much...though I've been crying more lately, but that might just be because of RL being a bit too real.

    Anyway, books I remember making me cry...
    Where the Red Fern Grows ~ Wilson Rawls
    Walk Two Moons ~ Sharon Creech

    Ends of awesome series that made me cry:
    Children of the Mind ~ Orson Scott Card
    Briar's Book ~ Tamora Pierce
    Harry Potter 7 ~ JK Rowling

    Don't know if that's any help to you...


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