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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Six Months and Three Days

Hey Blogger Buds,
Six months and three days ago, I wrote a blog post. It was called Fifteen Fun Facts About Me.
Six months and three days ago, a name popped into my head: fantasticfantasyfan.blogspot.com
Six months and three days ago, I joined the massive community of book bloggers.
Six months and three days ago, I began all this.

In that time,  I've gone a long way.
I've turned my meager stack of 5 books into a less meager stack of 40 (or so).
I've blogged about Lulu, Amazon, and several authors.
I've voiced my opinion on the Hunger Games, Twilight, Shiver, Iron Daughter, and many more.
I've hosted a contest. (Yes, winners, I know you haven't received your prizes yet, and I haven't forgotten, don't worry!)
I've started a feature; Midway Mention.
I've compared writing to fake birds.
I've used the word awesomesauce.
I've reviewed three ARCs (Linger, Infinite Days, Tyger Tyger)
I've changed my blog name.
I've listened to Boys Like Girls many, many, times.
I've changed my layout many, (many,) times.
I've made a blog button.
And I've collected 73 awesomesauce followers along the way!

I've been at this for 6 months. That's an accomplishment. My older followers may remember a little notice I had tacked up at the top of my blog, with the little intro bit. It was something along the lines of "This will probably fail miserably" yet here I am.

I love you guys, it's been great! It's been six months, and let there be many more here on Riv Reads!


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1 comment:

  1. You've definitely come a long way, Riv. Your blog is awesome and of course you haven't failed. I remember reading that and trust me you definitely have not.
    I didn't know you've been listening to Boys like Girls; right there with you on that. I love their band!
    Great work and hope to read another post from you soon. Now this makes me want to make a post about an anniversary to my blog, but I'm going to wait a while haha.
    Talk to ya later.
    P.S. *tackles* <--------just kidding:P


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