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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yay! Blog Button!

Hey Blogger Buds!
First off, I know I promised my Mistwood review, but I've got more exciting news to share today, and tomorrow I'm planning to start a new meme (one that actually replaces CCT, and you may have noticed that I stopped it.)
Secondly, one thing you'll learn about me, which is a good thing for you as a reader, is that I'm not very patient. I was thinking about waiting until my 6 month blogoversary (6 WHOLE MONTHS!) but I can't wait.
As you'll notice, I'm never satisfied with my layout, and I'm often tweaking with my sidebars. I stopped with the Shelfari because, even though I like them, I don't have time to keep up with both Goodreads and Shelfari, and nowthat I've gotten the hang of it, I prefer Goodreads. So there are now book montages of the books I will read and have read, as well as a new one, of books I'm excited for. (Note that only the books that already have covers are listed, so that's not it!)
So, if you'll look to your right...you'll see...
I just finished putting the final touches on it, and it's ready for the public! There's a little box too with the HTML code,, so you can put it on your blog or site! Isn't it pretty?
*continues to stare*
*drools a bit while staring*
*wipes away drool, still staring*
Okay, I'm done!
That's all for now folks!


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  1. Hi Riv! I haven't visited your blog in ages. I'm glad to see you are blogging again! Also, a good idea on not supporting too many different book-review sites. Also, I'm excited that you are finally reading my book (and I can even check your progress...) Hurray for that. Cheers!

  2. I put your badge on Fangs Wands and Fairy Dust! Wish I could pass Iron Queen on. I have had great luck writing to the author, then the publicist.


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