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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! And a Blogfest!

Hey Blogger Buds!
So, I'm participating in the Valentine Blogfest, hosted by Kate Hart (I'm hoping the "hart" thing isn't done as a joke...)

So happy Valentines Day to my lovely followers, to start off, and now I'll launch into the blogfest!

Blogger Love Fest
Each participant was given the name of another awesome blogger, and we're here today to blog about them! So today I will be talking about...

Claire Dawn!

So, Kate was talking about odes, so here's an attempt at a poem for Claire.

Staring out the window here in NYC,
I'm unable to, though most people will see,
A clear dawn rising in the east,
But have no fear I have an alternative at least!
Coming to greet me with style and flare,
We have the incredible blogger, the one and only Claire!
With weekly giveaways, writing advise, and more,
Her awesome is likely only seen in lore!
So happy Valentines Day to this lovely girl,
Come on, Claire, take a bow and give a twirl!

(Eh, it could have been worse.)

Claire's an aspiring writer originating from Barbados (Rihanna, rum, and grapefruit, it seems), but currently lives in Japan. (All definitely more interesting than my boring New York self.) She's been blogging for an impressive year and a half, with some really great stuff on her blog! She's very interesting; go check her out! Her blog is filled with brilliance!

(A clear dawn)
Happy V-day, Claire! May your skies stay Claire!

(PS: Don't forget to enter my TAP Buttons contest HERE!)


  1. What an awesome tribute! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Wow that's a really great idea! Happy V-Day to you too, by the way. :)

  3. Awesome idea and thanks for the follow! :)

  4. Oh my, I love your unicorn art! I've written an MG unicorn fantasy - and I love all MG/YA fantasy so I will definitely be back to visit your blog again (I found you via the love blogfest and am a new follower). Off to visit your valentine next.


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