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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soapbox Style: Announcing Winners

Hey Blogger Buds,
Warning: Run away now, while you still can. Flee while I'm busy dragging out my nice, big soapbox.

There are a few things I can't stand in the bloggy world, one of which is the way winners are sometimes announced. I'm going to avoid names completely, of course.

I totally get it when the host emails the winner and then announces it on the blog however they want.
It's perfectly understandable that the host adds the winner to the bottom of a post, and adds into the title "This is My Post of Awesome! And Winners Too!" because then a person will probably check.
But when the winner is added briefly into a post and is told to email the host?

That's drives me insane. Personally, I don't read every single post on a blog. I look through my blog roll and click on most of the posts, depending on what it's about. If the title makes it sound interesting, I clicky. But how can someone add the winners onto the end of a post, telling the winner to email them, without the winner having any idea that they were just announced?

*jumps off soapbox, hurting foot from the long drop*

What do YOU think? Am I crazy? Is there a point to my banter?


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  1. You're spot on with that little rant. It comes across as a bit arrogant to expect readers who have actual lives outside the internet to be hanging on your every word in the hope that they might, just might, find out they won something from you. And, if they miss it, too bad for them. Though I have to say I had to do that once myself in a post announcing a winner whose information I did not have thanks to a computer crash. But it was set apart as a very clear winner announcement. Still, stinks. I never got to send out the prize. :(

  2. I kinda understand both sides to the argument, but I'm personally on your side. Sure, the blogger's definitely the one doing the favor, but they can at least be cordial about it. Don't hide the information inside a post about True Blood or a book review, give the winner a leg up and a fair chance to claim their prize.

  3. I completely agree with you! Whenever I see that happen, I can't help but to think the host is lazy. I believe if someone took the time to enter a blog's contest, then the host should take the time to at least NOTIFY the winner. I'm so glad you posted about this! :D


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