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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boys in YA

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Hey Blogger Buds,
So. Boys in YA. To be blunt:
I hates them.
I find myself always rooting for the underdog, the one she's not going to pick, obviously. So, in the Hunger Games, I knew in my gut who she'd pick, because it's just the way YA books go, but I found myself rooting for the other one. In Firelight, I was hoping she'd turn around and return to Cassian. Cam had my vote in Fallen. And I was hoping that Bethany would turn around and walk away from Xavier in Halo.

Because they're all handsome, popular, funny, smart, caring, considerate, strong, and perfect. Plus, they all have a tendency to smell wonderfully without wearing cologne, even after they were sweating through a football game in which they were the quarterback that helped their team win. And they always have dark, haunted pasts. (Do all guys need baggage?)

Take my former examples:
  • In the Hunger Games, the one she picked was sweet and caring and sensitive. I won't continue, for those of you who have yet to read Mockingjay, in which case, what's wrong with you?
  • Sophie Jordan's Firelight had Cassian and Xander. Xander was perfect, and Jacinda had a "magnetic pull" towards him. But of course she doesn't care that he might kill her. It would be incredible stupid if she went for the safe, caring boy who doesn't want to kill who she is, and who likes her for being what she is.
  • And then Lauren Kate's quartet. I have other problems with Fallen, but mostly the way Daniel acted right off the bat. He's so mean, and Cam is so nice. And then in Torment I was right beside Shelby rooting for Miles.
  • Last up: Halo. Beth knows to stay away from him, but does she? Nope.

I can go on and on, but I'd rather make a pledge:

  1. I will not give my male characters an irresistible smell. If they smell, they will smell of sweat and blood, and it will not be attractive.
  2. When my female character sees my male character's scars, she will not find them 'hot'. At best, she will see him as strong and fearless. At worst, she will find him repulsive. But ideally, she will not care in the least.
  3. My character will not fall head over heels for a boy as soon as he pushes his floppy hair out of his face and/or takes his shirt off to reveal his always muscled chest.
  4. The leading male will not make my female character sizzle when he stares into her soul with his intense, beautiful eyes.
  5. My male character will not have disturbing pasts, and if they do, they will be emotionally scarred for life, and won't just be sharing their story to get some pity.

Anyone else care to take the pledge?

Peace and Boys,


  1. I kind of love this post.
    I'm totally on board with your pledge! :)

  2. Words. Out. My. Mouth. You. Took!!!! I join the pledge, because I 100% agree with you. Its utterly pathetic when all of these YA girls fall for the hot, mysterious, unattainbly attainable(?huh) guy - its annoying and so over done, that its like a pop song ringing through my head that I can not stop humming, though I really want to. Pledge. Joined!!


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