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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear Ash Iron Fey Contest

Hey Blogger Buds,
It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Julie Kagawa, author of the Iron Fey trilogy. I reviewed her second book, Iron Daughter here, and her third book, Iron Queen, here. She's writing another novella, too, about everyone's favorite trickster, with info here. She's fantastic, as an author and a person. But, surprisingly, I'm not here today to praise her to the high heavens. I'm here to enter another of her contests.
A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about Ash, the chilly winter prince, for Julie's The Queen is Coming contest, here. (Which Julie liked, by the way.)
Anywho, I'm here today, for Julie's latest contest, Dear Ash. The info is right here, but the gist of it is that you write to your favorite IF character. (Puck has, so far, received more entries than anyone else.)
I'm adamantly and ardently (Welcome to the Department of Repetitious Redundancy Department that welcomes you.) Team Puck, so my letter is to the One and Only!

THIS POST IS SLIGHTLY SPOILERY TO THE IRON QUEEN. Read the entire trilogy before reading my letter.

Dear Carrot-Top Puck,
This is probably going to be slightly awkward, as you're the first character I've ever written to. (You're feeling flattered and full of yourself, aren't you?) Puck, if I were asked about my "book boyfriend" yours would be the first name out of my mouth. You're the Kindly One that gets me through all of those annoyingly chilly scenes with certain princes you fondly refer to as "His Royal Iciness".
Of course, I don't only think of you when I'm reading. When I'm not (which is rarely), you're constantly on my mind. An instance which I can distinctly recall is walking home one day. I small a small black bird, your signature avian form, and falling to the ground beside it, a single green leaf. Maybe the leaf reminded me of all the sticks and leaves you glamour into boars and doppelgängers?
Ah, your glamour. Mr. Goodfellow, you're brilliant, not to mention hysterical. I love humor (I've been told that I'm funny, as well [though "funny" may or may not have been followed by "looking". *shifty eyes*]).
What was the best prank you've ever pulled? Your best joke? And what was your most artful "not-lie" that you've ever told? One last question for now, (I promise!) why do you change into a raven if your name is Robin? Is it to avoid all things cheesy?
Wait. Wrong Puck.
Puck, you inspire me. I love to write (I don't think I'm too shabby at it either) and you've taught me plenty. I write high fantasy, and my main character's preferred weapons are--I'm sure you guessed it!--two daggers. I spent plenty of time trying to decide what she should fight with (she's not a sword person) and then I figured it out, inspired by m favorite red-headed Good Neighbor (by the way, I wouldn't mind if you decided you wanted to be a closer neighbor!). So thank you, Puck, for your great fighting.
Now, onto some more...personal *eyebrow waggle*...things. Although you are, thankfully, not as cold as His Royal Iciness, you are still so mysterious. Meghan said that she doesn't remember when she first met you, only that you've always been there. How long have you known her, really? But Meghan's not the only one you've known for a long time, is she? What about His Royal Iciness? I know you two haven't always been trying to kill each other. How long have you known him? (Yes, I know there's no time in the Nevernever, but what about taking into consideration what happened in the human world?) Do you have any fond memories of your time with the ice prince? And fond memories can't include stabbing him, or watching him in pain.
But, to stop dredging up old memories, I'll look for older ones. In the Iron Queen, you told Meghan and His Royal Iciness that there were giants in the Nevernever long before Ash was born. So...how old are you, really? Are you from before humans roamed this earth? And if you know when Ash was born...who's his father? Wait. Forget that. Who cares? I only want to know more about Puck.
But I'll stop prying now. Though before I sign off, I have to ask one final question...
What's it like being a red-head?

Love ya carrot-top,
Riv Re

PS: If you're ever looking to set up a New York trod (emotions run high here in the city that never sleeps; there's glamour everywhere!) send me a message. My email's rivkarno1(at)hotmail(dot)com. Wait. You probably don't have computer access, being a Summer Fey and all. (So this letter is counter-productive, isn't it?) But you can come hop through my bedroom closet any time you want! (Just be careful of the skateboard, I think there's some iron on it.)

Peace and Glamour,
Riv Re

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ETA 4/22: I changed my entry a bit, somewhere around the middle.


  1. Dude, who IS Ash's dad?! I never even thought about that haha

  2. Sorry babes I'm team Ash :P But I'll definitley be entering this! Your letter is great!


  3. Team Ash Forever!!!

  4. Team Puck!! I WANT THAT T SHIRT NOW! :D

  5. I turely can not deside. I love Puch and his jokes and funny ways. But i love Ash for his boldness and everlasting love.


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