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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top Five Sunday (Contest Closed)

top 5 sundays image 2011 simplerHey Blogger Buds,
I'm not big on weekly memes, but a blogger I follow, Larissa, has one on her blog, Larissa's Bookish Life. Every Sunday she posts her Top Five on different subjects. This week is Top Five Paranormal Powers you'd like to have, and I decided to partake!
(Just a short post today!)

1. Super-Speed
Always useful.

2. Telekinesis
So I can be even lazier. Sometimes, this would just be so handy!

3. Mind Reading
Yeah, sometimes I just want to know what someone's thinking! Reading people can be hard...

4. Extra Sensory Perception
Wouldn't ESP be awesome? To know stuff for no reason?

5. Astral Projection
This is a cool one, though I haven't heard too much about it. It's when a person can sort of project their spririt into the air, and go anywhere, leaving their unconscious/sleeping body behind.

In other news: The TAP contest is closed! I'll try to get the winners by Thursday.

What's YOUR Top Five Paranormal Abilities?

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