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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lucky 7 Tag! Also: Rock the Drop!!

Hey Blogger Buds,
This original plan was just to post about Teen Lit Day, and Rock the Drop, but then something more exciting popped up!

Before I get to that:

Rock the Drop! is hosted by Figment and readergirlz. The idea is that you leave a random YA book in a public place for someone to find. If you want, you can tweet it with the #rockthedrop hashtag.
I really wanted to drop some old ARCs, but I didn't have time today. :( But let me know what you guys have done! I'd love to hear!

In other news, the fabulous Cambria Dillon tagged me with the Lucky Seven Tag! I've seen this around a lot, and I'm always SO JEALOUS of everyone who gets tagged, and I guess Cambria heard my plea. You should all TOTALLY check out her seven lines, because they're super intriguing, and I love the last line!

Here are the rules:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences AS THEY ARE. No cheating!
  • Tag 7 other authors (make sure to let them know they've been tagged!)
So, I would have done page 77 (or 777?) if I still worked on Microsoft Word, but alas, we parted ways when my computer imploded multiple times and I was set permanently in Google Docs, less a hundred thousand(ish) words. (They're somewhere out there, with the aliens.)

So, here are my seven sentences. (Lines were too complicated.) (I was so nervous about what page 7 would end up being! But I'm pretty happy with it.) (I should really stop babbling.) (So excited!) (I'll shut up now.)

Sentences 7-13:
The figure scrambled away, jumping up, and the moonlight fell on Art’s features, a bruise already forming on his cheek.
Furiously wiping at her soaking wet cheeks, Becca rolled onto her side, pulling her legs up close to her chest, hugging her knees.
Art cautiously knelt beside her, leaving space between them. “Becca?” he said again, softer. “What happened?”
She shook her head, trying to furtively dry her face again. “Nothing,” she said, after a minute.
I hope you like it! Let me know what you think! realize that my lines are kind of short, because there are some speaking bits that don't have dialogue tags to make them longer.

But speaking of tags, here are the seven authors whose lines I want to see as well:

2) Cristin Terrill of, um, Cristin Terrill
3) Lindsey Sablowski of Fictional Writer
4) Laura of A Work of Fiction
6) Kristia S. of KristTeeAuh
7) YOU! Yes, I want YOU for Dumbledore's Army!
(Yes, I cheated on the last one)

Sorry, got to run now.

Happy 7s,


  1. I love the snippet! I really want to know who this "figure" is. :)

    1. Thanks! The figure is Art--the sentence before makes it a bit clearer, since she kicks him in the face (hence the bruise on his cheek).

  2. Well, I don't know that many people on blogger to tag. So I tagged you back. But you've already done one. Sooooo you don't nessarily HAVE to. ;D


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