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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Flyaway Mini-Review; Oh, and POTTER FREAKIN' MORE

(Brownies if you get the "freakin'" reference)
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Flyaway by Helen Landalf
Blurby at Goodreads
Characters: I liked Stevie at first. She has spirit, a personality. But when she refuses to wear clothes that her mom wouldn't like, all I can think is "Ugh! She's such a poseur!"
I hated Stevie's Mom from the get-go. She's self-absorbed, and cares about her "cigs" much more than about her daughter.
The Professor (real name is Van) is sweet...until he falls victim to the "let's turn Boyfriend #1 from a sweetheart into a jerk so our main character will dump him!" trope. (À la Lola)
Alan. Oh, Alan. Let's weigh your actions and excuses. Action: You're rude. Excuse: It's okay, because you're gentle with the injured birds. Action: You're a bully. Excuse: You've had it rough. Action: You publicly outed a Christian. Excuse: (Spoiler. Valid reason, though.) Action: You tripped and bullied a special ed kid until she had to switch schools. Excuse: ... What was that, Alan? Can't hear you over your conscience's cries of pain. It's like killing puppies, Alan. The eighth deadly sin.
Everything Else: The plot is pretty much the only redeeming quality. It kept me up, gripped by Stevie's story. Why? I don't know. There was zero emotion; there was just Stevie telling us what's happening. ("I woke up. I saw Aunt Mindy. She gave me news. I screamed in anger. I slammed the door in her face and went back to sleep.")
What I didn't like about the plot? No grit. A freaking love triangle that served very little purpose besides being a love triangle.
The ending was the best part. It was very fitting.
[/End rant]
Rating: 3* Okay

You might have heard of this thing. It's called Pottermore.
Yeah. Pottermore.
As in, ya know...

That Pottermore. And they're open.
The Philosopher's Stone part is out already.

I'm in Slytherin which is, apparently, Merlin's house. (And you know about me and Merlin.)
My wand is acacia wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13 inches, brittle.
This one's a bit longer than mine. Source.
So what are you waiting for? Hop on the Express and head over!

Peace and dragons,

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