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Sunday, September 18, 2011

On The Terror Of Outlining

Hey Blogger Buds,
Yay! This is my 200th post! Now on to it...

 As you may know, I'm a pantser. When I try to outline, I ADD so much I...hey, is that a butterfly?
*five minute later*
At one point over the weekend, I was in a situation where I had no internet access and a computer. What did I do?
I opened Wordpad. (Yes, Wordpad. I hate Wordpad. But the computer I had in my possession was lacking the awesomeness of Word.)
And I made a heading. And a bullet point (well, originally I numbered it, but that didn't work out).
I've been nearing the end of my WIP, Eberheardt, for a while. The end has been so close I can almost taste it. If I stretch, my fingers can brush against it.
Anyway, I opened Wordpad. I recalled what I'm up to in my writing. And I began to outline.

And it was scary. Very scary. I have the rest of my book mapped out. I know what's going to happen.
And the idea that my baby is reaching the end of her story is just terrifying. Sure, revisions are next, and rewrites, and then the word that starts with "q", ends with "ery", and has a "u" in between. (I've stopped saying it, because it's become a more real thing.) My book baby won't be finished for a long time.

But I feel like, with this outline, the end is a more real thing.

The thing is, when you write high fantasy, this actually happens sometimes.
It's really, really, scary.

I'm terrified.

Do I plan to quit?
Do I plan to take a break?
Of course not.
Do I plan to take a deep breath, eat a Twizzler, and write?

I'm a writer, like this kitteh.
Cuz writer cat iz writer, writer cat can write storiez without opposable thumbs.

And when I finish Eberheardt?

I'll write some of the other ideas that have been running through my head, and dripping down on to the paper every now and then.

I'm a writer. And when the end brings the kitteh-pocalypse gets tough, the tough find an awesome ending.

Any words of encouragement on endings? How do you deal with finishing a project that you've worked on for a long time?

And, most importantly, when Basement Cat challenges Ceiling Cat and the Final Battle Comes, who will you be rooting for? Ceiling Cat, or the side that has cookies?
We have cookies, too!

Peace and lolcats,

PS: Sorry for the crazy lateness!


  1. This is what I admire about writers/writer-to-be's -- all the work they put into a book. I'm just sitting here, propped up on a chair, lazy as a cat, sipping coffee, and reading books. Whereas you guys are maniacally writing the contents of your brain down in appealing phrasing.

    So, good luck :3

    And Basement Cat will win, because he has Tom Felton on his side.

  2. Love the kitties. :D

    I try not to focus on how long it will take me to finish the book before I can query it. I just focus on each step at a time. It's less scary that way. Though not as scary as the big Q.


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