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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Tale Of Two Cities Midway Mention

Hey Blogger Buds,
I know, I'm giving you two MMs in a row. Sorry to disappoint! I haven't been reading much lately, except for A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. So, in the spirit of giving you guys something, here's my MM.
Warning, I'm feeling snarky today.
First a reminder:
Midway Mention is a feature here on Riv Reads, in which I talk about a book I'm currently reading. Usually, I'm about halfway through the book. Feel free to use this feature. Please (1)credit me, (2) use it sparingly and (3) let me know somehow, so I can check it out!

Most of you've got the gist of A Tale Of Two Cities. French prince Charles denounces his title, moves to England, and--surprise!--falls in love with young Lucie. Also in love with the lovely girl is Sydney, the drunkard and Chuck's double. And while they're all living, happy and infatuated with each in England....France is bloodying her hands...and her very large knife on a stick. The peasants are revolting, and all the noble people are getting--how should I say this? They're getting....pwned.

A Tale of Two CitiesMM:
As you all know A Tale of Two Cities is just a tad old. And the writing style? The same. I've never been a fan of classics, they were always hard for me to get through, and this book is no different. Sure, it has an original plot-line, billions of fans, and the fact that it survived 150 years has to mean something, but I'm not enjoying.
For one thing, the pacing is just weird and slow. This book could be shortened to, say, 75,000 words, which is about a 300 page YA book. I was reading a particularly descriptive paragraph and thinking, 'Who cares? What good is this doing? How is it helping me picture the scene better?'
Also, this book is about a lot of characters, many of whom are pretty much pointless. There's a dude, Jerry Cruncher, and his son, Jerry Cruncher (um, yeah. about that...). So far, Jerry has done very little except beat his wife up. (Jerry senior, that is. Junior is, like, 12.) The movie managed to do very well without Jerry squared, except for one "blink and you miss it" scene. I can't say I'm on the edge of my seat in anticipation, though.

On the plus side, this book is great if you have insomnia!

I give A Tale of Two Cities 0 stars so far.
I'm on page 170 out of 386 (of story. With the end pages, afterword etc. it's 397.)
Part 2 Chapter 15

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