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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sorry I Just BLLuRTed It Out

Hey Blogger Buds,
I have a post from the Renaissance Faire for you guys, it's all typed up and everything. I just haven't put the pictures on my computer, and the post looks REALLY boring without the pictures.

So, you know Elana Johnson? Of course you do. This week is RAP week. And no, you do not rap. It's Random Acts of Publicity. Check it out.

I was debating what book I should publicize. Most of my favorites are insanely popular anyway. I decided on Gift of the Unmage. I read it a while ago, but it's a fantastic book. Just look at the title. "Gift of the Unmage" Doesn't it make you wonder? It's book one in the Worldweavers trilogy, followed by Spellspam and Cybermage.

Time to BLLuRT.
Blog. Link. Like. Review. Talk.

You're reading it. Hi. Welcome.

Buy it from Amazon (*Note: buy something from Amazon through this link, and I make some money at no cost to you.)

Alma Alexander's Facebook page.

Add Gift of the Unmage on Goodreads

In one line:
Gift of the Unmage is great for tweens and teens. It has absolutely genius world building, and fantastic characters.

I ADORE this trilogy, and highly recommend it!

Peace and unmages,
Riv Re

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  1. Ooh, genius world building sounds right up my alley! Love that cover!!


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