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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Les Miserables Valentines Day Midway Mention: An Open Letter to Jean Valjean

Hey Blogger Buds,
Happy Valentine's Day! Well, if that's how you roll, at least. Don't forget that your valentine isn't limited to your SO. On the day of love, you can settle down with Blue Bunny, and Ben an Jerry's. Or a sappy romance novel. Or Merlin. Or a book about people killing each other.
Whatever floats your boat.

Anyways, for the occasion, I've got a Midway Mention, Valentine-style!
First, a reminder of what Midway Mention is:

Midway Mention is a feature here at Riv Reads in which I say a few words on the book I'm in middle of reading, and let you know my thoughts when I'm around halfway through. I ask that you please don't use my idea without explicit permission first.

Now that that's out of the way:

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
Abridged version, translated from the French by Charles E. Wilbour

Up to: Page 131 of 321, Marius: The Grandfather and the Grandson: End of the Brigand

Les MiserablesAn Open Letter to Jean Valjean:

Dear Jean Valjean,
When we first met, I really expected to dislike you. Sure, you're not as long-winded as usual, and you speak fluent English, but you're also ancient, bent on reminiscing your days as a convict and Holy Man.
But when you started speaking, I was captivated. Your story is a tragic one, a noble one, and you are amazingly, dazzlingly (and not like a sparklepire) eloquent.
You started off as a recently freed man, scorned by everyone for your status, and then you turned into a good person, only met with unfortunate circumstances, invoking my pity only pages into your tale. You are wise, and noble, and generous. You're a martyr who completely embodies charity and goodness.
And, most importantly, you're a likable and still flawed protagonist. Your story is one I enjoy hearing, as much as I expected to hate it. It is no wonder that you are responsible for turning many people onto the joys of reading.
I may be less that halfway through your life's story, but I wholeheartedly expect to enjoy the rest.


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  1. I really liked this. Nice job! Off to check out that middle grade book!!


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