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Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Meeting Writing Goals

Hey Blogger Buds,
There are different ways of rewarding yourself for writing. Some people will look at kitten pictures if they've written. (That doesn't exactly work, since I just get distracted and start Googling baby animal pictures.) Other people eat chocolate. And yet others just try not to die.
I use my favorite forms of procrastination as rewards.
Meaning I do the cruelest thing imagineable:

I stop watching Merlin. And Glee.

I KNOW. It's torture. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog yet or not, but I work on a reward system of TV. For every 75 words I write, I get a minute of TV. So, in order to watch a 45 minute episode of Glee or Merlin (as a bonus, I let myself go back to rewatch all of the Merlin-Arthur scenes without having to write for them) I have to write 3,375 words.

I just completed my first set. It only took me a few days. And now, I have to pick Glee or Merlin. Ah, #firstworldproblems....


In other news: If you missed it, I had a picture I made of Lola Nolan from Lola and the Boy Next Door up on Thursday.
On Tuesday: I have a Valentines Day Midway Mention coming up (hopefully) for Les Miserables.

How do you reward yourself for reaching writing goals?

Peace and kittens,

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  1. Awesome! My reward system involves TV as well. I reward myself by getting to watch TV at 8 and 9, if I have written a set amount of words for the day - like 5,000 or sometimes just 1,000. I love Vampire Diaries, New Girl, and Nikita!



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