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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On Sekrit Project

So Blogger Buds,
I haz a Sekrit Project. Yup, it's so cool, it's not secret. It's Sekrit (with a capital S, too!).
I've heard people talk about their secret/sekrit projects, but I could never imagine writing something and not wanting to show it to the world.
And then it hit me. (And this time, I'm not referring to the Frisbee getting bigger and bigger.)
I got the idea that's total cliche, as well as contemporary (and remember, I wasn't known as the Fantasy Fanatic for nothing). It's a funny, romantic, full-out chic-lit which, in a way I can relate to.
I'll share it with you, because I don't care if everyone knows the idea, because you've heard it already, and the Sekrit part is how it's written, not the basic idea.

Take the biggest city you've ever been to, the craziest one. You've got it? Imagine how hectic it is and multiply it by ten. You're getting closer to NYC. And if that city you're thinking of is NYC, multiply by ten anyways. It's grown since last time you looked.
Our male MC comes from New York.
Now take the smallest town you've ever seen, and divide it by ten. Then you'll have the setting. And if the town you're thinking of is this setting, head to a doctor, because this place doesn't exist.
Our female MC lives here.

It's the story of big-city boy coming to small-town--um--town. And he pretty much gives FMC PTSD from meeting a New Yorker, rated the second-rudest city in the US, just behind LA.

And I've said enough ;-)

Good luck with your novels, too! Whether they be agented, unagented, going through ARCs, being edited, being drafted, being planned, or something else!
Or, if it's for you only, be it secret or Sekrit, good luck! And if you're trying to find a Sekrit Novel idea, good luck to you too! I hope the weird little clues stuck in here did some good!


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