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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Character Cast Tuesday (4)

Character Cast Tuesday is a meme hosted by me, in which every Tuesday you post an actor that you'd choose to play various characters, if your book were to be made into a movie.
Hey Blogger Buds,
Since you haven't had CCT for a while, I've got a mega awesome one this week. This character is a favorite of mine, to write and to read about.
So this week I'm casting Janko Son-of-None!
I love this kid. Whereas the vicepeg is the most fun to write about, Janko's just fun to write. He's cool, calm, cocky, and cute. And funny.
Janko's a lanky 16-year-old, with a mess of brown hair and a mischievous grin. He's a page in the castle, and he pretty much rules the place is well-liked. He's confident and knows his way around.
Secret: The idea for him came from a friend of mine, nicknamed Peanut Butter, who was annoyed that she's a boy, but likes that he's one of my favorites. Both are equally random and spunky and love to dance.

I spent a long time looking for the perfect actor to portray him, and once I found the kid, I spent little time debating between him and a few others. Let me introduce the (totally cute)...
Logan Lerman!
Logan is 5"8 with blue eyes and the most awesome hair ever. Look at the flippy thing it does in the front! *fans face* Logan is the perfect Janko. Logan, give me a call when you finish playing Percy Jackson (who sooooo doesn't deserve you, by the way!)
Stare at him for a bit. I've got to go.


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