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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Triskaidek MM

Hey Blogger Buds,
Today I've got the Midway Mention for the Triskaidek, book 1 in the Camp Fae series, by Basil Sprig. I'm short on time, so it's just going to be a few lines, but enjoy!
Oh, and I still haven't had time to e-mail the winners, but don't worry! I will soon!

The Triskaidek started out a bit slow, for me. I had to force myself to get through the beginning. It was brilliantly plotted, but the beginning just didn't work for me. Leading among the reasons is the fact that much of it is plot-driven. But of course, that's a necessity.
The book's voice also seemed quite interesting and unique and I managed to give it a name about 50 pages in. It's told more like a story. For example, the narrator voices opinions, even though the whole thing is 3rd person limited to just Alley. It was-and continues to be-an interesting experience.
Around 75 pages in, the book picked up though, leaving me on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Now, at around 150 pages in, I'm excited for more.

****4 stars so far: very good.

The Camp Fae site is here.

Midway Mention is a mini-meme hosted by me, in which I talk about my opinion of a book halfway through. You must receive permission if you wish to use MM on your blog.


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