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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mockingjay Review and Contest is CLOSED

Hey Blogger Buds,
Today I'm posting my MJ review. I'm going to keep the intro short, because you've heard of this book, unless you've been living under a rock. I only have a few minutes, so the review is, unfortunately, short.
My Forgive My Fins contest is now closed.

Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she’s made it out of the bloody arena alive, she’s still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And what’s worse, President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either. Not Katniss’s family, not her friends, not the people of District 12. Powerful and haunting, this thrilling final installment of Suzanne Collins’s groundbreaking The Hunger Games trilogy promises to be one of the most talked about books of the year.

Review-Not Spoilery:
When it comes to books that are household names-Harry Potter for instance-I can't get fully obsessed with it. Twilight never stuck with me. Harry Potter I love, but I'm not obsessed with it. Then there's the Hunger Games. I loved these books, even though I only started a few months before Mockingjay. But until recently, I didn't even know HG was so popular. It wasn't that amazing to me.
Onto my review. The beginning was kinda slow, but still very intense, with Collins' writing. She's absolutely brilliant. Then it picked up even more, and was brilliant. I felt it was reaching a point of such intensity....and then something happening, crushing me. I'm also among the people who disliked the ending. It was a bitter-sweet HEA, but still too perfect for Katniss's miserable life.
Something happened to Peeta in the Capitol and I love Peeta but...it was so cool, from an reader's POV.
I love Katniss, always. And then there's the boys. I've never been a fan of love triangles, and this was predicable. One boy was my favorite, but the way everything was written, I knew she would pick the other boy. Predictable. And she did.
Some stuff was just messed up. Near the ending, she takes a stand and does something completely...insane. What the HECK? Why did she listen to that person?

On to the spoileries. This is written white on white so no one looks at before reading the book.
First off, she chose Peeta. Duh! I love Gale, but I knew who she would pick. And when Peeta and Gale were talking latee one night in the cellar and Katniss overheard, she totally overreacted about the "survival bit."

The Capitol Hunger Games bit? Besides for the fact that it was totally out of character for Katniss, what happened in the end? There's no mention of the Games at all.
RIP Finnick. I MISS HIM! And there was no emphasis on Annie getting all depressed or anything over it.
RIP Cinna. Until the last page I was expecting Cinna to pop up. It never actually said that he was dead!
The fainting. Katniss fainted and just let everything happen! I wanted her to be more involved than fainting during war and waking up later.
What the heck? She LISTENED TO SNOW.
RIP Prim. Enough said.
And the ending. Gale just disappeared from the storyline! There were no farewells or anything, he just left Peeta and Katniss together.
Overall, it could have been better.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Nice review :) I read mockingjay and was pretty disappointed! I mean I read the series in September(2009 aka last year) and have been waiting for mockingjay for like ever! But after I read it, I felt sad, then mad, then annoyed! I guess I just missed having the old Peeta around all the time. Cause Peeta was in the book, but he wasn't like fully there. He was kinda mean at times. And then there was the whole "goodbye Gale" thing, where Gale just basically disappeared! I think Suzanne Collins is an amazing author and all, but I really think she just messed up on Mockingjay :( I really hate how basically all of my favorite characters got killed off too :(But anyways, thanks for this awesome post! :)

  2. Now that I finally read Mockingjay I'm going around and reading everyone else's opinions and I'm surprised to see how many people were unhappy with the book. I actually liked it quite a lot. Every time I thought I figured out where the story was heading something new would crop up, taking it in a different direction.

    I thought the Gale vs. Petta issue was handled well, especially since no one was killed off. Though I agree about the end how it was a bit of a cop out that Katniss passes out and we miss the climax, but other than that I was more than satisfied.


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