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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winning On Wednesday and Some Books to Come!

Well, today I'm going to be doing a bit of advertising xD
The peeps over at YA Highway are having contests!

Kirsten Hubbard, blogger over at Wandergirl, is giving away some pretty little moleskin journals.

Michelle Schusterman is giving away Of ALL THE STUPID THINGS, an ARC!

Kristin D Miller of Long Distance Drive is giving away YOU WISH

And, even more awesome, YA Highway, a group of YA authors, is giving away bunches of books, including LINGER; MOCKINGJAY; THE REPLACEMENT; books with journals; mysterious BEA packages  AND MORE!

  • Since I owe you some reviews, I'll be jotting some stuff down later today, probably, and over the next few days.
  • Oh, and my trip (to DC, for those who forgot) was awesome. We got a day off school today because we're so beat. (Who actually sleeps on school trips?)
  • I'm going to be at the library later today, I think. Getting: LIGHTNING THIEF (Rick Riordan); SCRIBES FROM ALEXANDRIA (Caroline Lawrence); ELSEWHERE (Grabrielle Zevin); WILLOW (Julia Hoban); GODDESS BOOT CAMP (Tera Lynn Childs); and RAVENPAW'S PATH bk 2 (Erin Hunter). Reviews on most to come!

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