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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When I Discover Publishing Times...

Hey all! I've just now come up with the genius idea to write a post and save it to go live tomorrow (well, today since you're reading this on Tuesday even though I'm writing it on Monday).
In truth I'm really freaked about the whole idea of it. I mean, as you read this I'm miles from my computer on a trip.
When this post is being published for all of my lovely stalkers followers, I'm sleeping in a hotel room I'm sharing with some schoolmates (Well, maybe less sleeping and more partying.)
Furthermore, since my school does not trust us, they duct-tape our hotel room doors shut, so there's no going out to visit a different room, and no big parties.
Which stinks, to be blunt.
So, since I've got to leave soon and I'm actually writing this post BEFORE my Monday one, I'll sign off now.

Current Music: No iPod allowed on the trip :(
Current Mood: Presumably hyper...

See ya in person (sorta) soon!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. And it worked!
    I prepare most of my posts days in advance and schedule their posting time.


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