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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day, Babies, and Graceling (What a Combo!)

Hello all of my little blogging friends!
I've got a couple of things to say today.

1) I just read this wonderful and very funny blog post written by the darling Emilia Plater over at YA Highway. It's called....
What to Expet When You're Expecting...A BOOK
It's comparing kids to books. For example, they both keep you up half the night. (I should know, I've got experience on both sides of the spectrum, and I assure you I've never been a book.)

2)While cruising some blogs, I picked up some Memorial Day themed stuff.
First off, I have this little video from my glorious buddy, YouTube.

Next is a poem from Photobucket:

And finally, a Vietnam-themed song that I have stuck in my head. It's called "White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land". It's anti-war, by Phil Ochs (unless you're over 40 or me, I doubt you've heard of him)
Now, the only version I could find on YouTube was by this kid who got the lyrics wrong, so find your older brother/dad/mom/best friend's mom/neighbor/old age home and ask someone to sing it for you. Meanwhile, here are the lyrics, courtesy of Metro Lyrics

Lyrics | Phil Ochs Lyrics | White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land Lyrics

Now, if you thought that was actually it, you were WRONG! I've got another Ochs song, Is There Anybody Here? Once again, go find someone old to sing it to you.

Lyrics | Phil Ochs Lyrics | Is There Anybody Here Lyrics

And, I'd like to say that my grand-dad, RIP, was a soldier in WWII (I think). I didn't know him that well, and haven't heard any of his stories, unfortunately. He passed away last November.

And here's a flag:

3) (Finally!) Yesterday I forgot to post this question for my Graceling review, so it's here today. Quite an obvious question, actually:

If you could have any Grace, what would it be? And, what colors would your eyes be?

Peace and HAPPY M-DAY

Current Music: White Boots Marching in  Yellow Land by Phil Ochs
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  1. Hey, girl.
    Didn't see this yesterday. I actually posted that same poem. Great minds, huh....

  2. Thanks for making note of the day. I enjoyed both Graceling and Fire - great world building. Let's see I want one of my eyes to be Silver and one them to be a purply blue. The grace that I want is to see people's emotions like colorful threads in the air. Each emotion has it's own color.


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