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Saturday, May 29, 2010


*shrieks again

So I wasn't planning on reviewing Oh. MY. GODS. yet, but the occasions makes it necessary.
What occasion?  I know with my genius that you're thinking.
Well, it's an OMG moment right now. Because guess what wonderful ARC I won!
Three hints:
1) There's a counter for it on my page.
2) I mentioned it the other day on my book-to-movie list.
3) The world is desperate for it.
And (because I can't count), 4)There's a picture of it right here -->

*continues shrieking*
I'll tell you this; I rarely shriek. When I won several book, I didn't shriek. When I won my iPod, I only OMG'ed. I got Linger and I shrieked. My mother nearly had a heart-attack. She said that she thought I had won this free summer camp thing. I said "Sorry. It's even better, just for me not you." (Okay, I didn't say that last part. )

Read on for my OH. MY. GODS. review.
*shrieks again*

When cross-country-running California girl Phoebe Castro finds out her mom is marrying a virtual stranger and moving them halfway around the world to Greece right before her senior year, she thinks her worst problem will be missing out on fun times with her two best friends. But when they arrive on Serfopoula, her new stepdad tells her that all the students at the Academy—the ultra-elite private school which happens to be the same one founded by Plato more than two thousand years ago—are all super-powerful descendants of the gods. Missing her friends is the least of her problems.

My Review:
In all honesty, I don't remember this book too well, but I'll do my best.
I really enjoyed this. It was funny with a cute ending. Definitely something you want to read a sequel of.
I love snarky main characters, and Phoebe pulled that off. I like the way her relationship develops with Griffin.
I did have a bit of a problem with the way her mother disappeared for a week and came back engaged. That just didn't make the least bit of sense.
I personally find Greek mythology very interesting; an added bonus to reading this book.
I'm keeping this review short today since I'm not sure what to say.
****4 stars

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