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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Character Cast Tuesday (2)

Hey bloggy buds,
Sorry about yesterday. It was very hectic :(. But don't worry, I'm back today with some cute actors ;)
Character Cast Tuesday is a meme hosted by me, in which every Tuesday you post an actor that you'd choose to play various characters, if your book were to be made into a movie.

Last week we had blue eyed Chace Crawford leap in and steal the part of the vicepeg. This week, we take a look at actors from an awesome TV show; Legend of the Seeker. (And if you love LotS so much, we're pulling another actor from the show in a different CCT!)

The unipeg. He's the head honcho of Emberhard. He's the big man, the one in charge. Evil. Very. In retrospect, he's very one-dimensional, and doesn't get much page time so far. I should fix that one-dimension thing...He's an incredible sword-fighter,
I pulled up the description specially for you:
Becca turned her full attention to the man in the throne; the unipeg. He was of average height, jet black hair cropped close to his skull. His grey eyes, along with his hair, contrasted deeply with his deathly pale skin.
 As I mentioned before, I was looking at some LotS cast, and came upon Craig Parker. He played the evil Darken Rahl, and can pull off evil very well. So, as they’re unfortunately considering ending the show, I’ve got another evil part for Craig to play. Lucky you, Craig! You get to be star in my non-existent movie! Doesn't he just look evil as Rahl?


Craig Parker


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