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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I stupidly forgot to mention something very important:
Linger came out today!
The release date was moved up a week; you may have seen it in bookstores already, if they accidentally put it up early, but it's officially available!
*pause for readers to let out a fangirl scream*
*also fangirl screams*

Peace and Wolves,

Current Mood: Wolfish (does that exist?)


  1. I suppose I get what you meant about the names.. To be honest I found "Ysabel" on a list of rare names in the medieval time so... But I'll definitely try to keep what you said in mind. Thanks
    Happy writing,

  2. Also, thanks for your interest in my new story. Is your username on IP the same as on Write Here so I can add you and start reading anything you have up?


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