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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth of July and an Important Message

Hey bloggy buds,
Well, first off, have a happy fourth of July, even though I didn't get a chance to post this until after midnight here in New York.
I was planning on writing a nice, cheery blog post on my first ever trip to the Strand and the barbecue my family had, but something more important came up. I'll talk about it tomorrow.
Around two short blocks away, a house had a fire in it. I went to watch, along with many others. There were around ten fire trucks working to put out the fire, and the top of the house was severely damaged. The fire started, maybe, an hour and a half ago. I went to watch. By now, it's under control I think, but I still see a firetruck outside my house and smell some smoke.
It's summer now. It's July Fourth weekend (well, it's over now, but not for partyers). It's very hot out. We all have our air-conditioners on full blast. There's a lot of electricity shooting around.
Be careful. Please.
Take precautions and be safe. Don't attach a timer to your AC. There's a lot of electricity running through those wires and if you plug it in to a timer the same way you plug in your lights, it could be a problem.
I feel bad for that family, and I don't want my bloggy buds to have a problem  like that.
Stay safe!


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