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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey Blogger buds,
So, I'm going to say this plain and simple, without any fine print or sob stories.
I'm a teenager. I'm still in school. I've got a life. A job, a family, friends, a book, whatever. Life hasn't been any more stressful than usual, but I need to chill for a bit.
So I'm going unplugged. I'll still be replying to comments and checking the blogs I follow, but I need time to set up my August posting schedule, and do what I love best: read, write and sleep.
I'll be back Sunday or Monday, with my Infinite Days review (finally).
To leave off on a happier note, here's one of the cool liked loved beloved coveted worshipped xkcd comics! It just came out today.
Green Flash
The exact cause of the phenomenon is unknown, but it's thought to be linked to atmospheric refraction and you getting a really cool car.

Peace and buh-bye,

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