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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eberheardt Trailer

Well, I decided to share a little something with you. The Eberheardt trailer! Now, this thing took me hours to make. It's awful, but I spent a long time on it, soooooo.........enjoy or do whatever else you'd like to do!
It may not sound like I'm flipping out, but really I am.
Remember that.

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  1. I LOVED THE TRAILER. That is awesome. Great, loved it!
    Also, I wanted to say thanks for the comment you left about my "crazy idea". I know, I have began to re-write stuff here and there because I did write some stuff that I was really like you know, "Wow, that does not go with the book." so I wanted to change that. I'll let you know when I put my "crazy idea" into action, lol.
    I'm posting about this trailer on write Here. Great job and interesting song choice.

  2. It wasn't that bad..Seriously I couldn't have even done that.

  3. Oh, and also... I just now figured out you re-did your page, so, nice job on the new look and graphic. Plus, I just now noticed that The Triskaidek is queued up NEXT on your Shelfari! Hurray! I hope you like it.


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