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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Character Cast Tuesday (3)

CCT is a meme hosted by me, in which you cast one of your characters every week, if you were to be making a movie. You can sign up here.
I've casted the vicepeg, and the unipeg, the two Head Honchos. This week, I'm switching over to the Resistance.
Commander Gabriel
He's the guy in charge of the Resistance, the, well, Commander. Mid-thirties, pretty average looking, a couple of war scars. Plain Jane Joe. But he also has to keep intense looks and be nice and fit.
For those of you who didn't know, I'm a Newsies fan. Meaning: Christian Bale=Awesome dancer + Awesome [Fake] New York Accent.
Just look at him in this picture. I see you staring. Those eyebrows knitted in thought, those brown eyes staring in at you. *Sigh*
Note: I do NOT have a celebrity crush on him. *cough cough*

Wasn't he a cutie, though?
Undisputed Casting:
Christian Bale



Current Music: Sante Fe by-you guessed it!-Newsies MC Jack Cowboy Kelly, played by Christian Bale
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