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Friday, June 11, 2010

ABCD: Apologies Boxes, Contests and Decor!

First off, I apologize for not being on lately. School's ending, and Final schedule is crazy. I'm going to be on even less then week, when the subjects are more difficult. Are narrowly passed my history final and science could go in either direction. I'm only confident about math (didn't get the mark yet) and English.Vocabulary. (I got 100. Writing is always a plus when it comes to vocab.)
To apologize, this is going to be a kick-butt long post with a CONTEST!!!

Well, it's more of a manila envelop than a box, but I got a package in the mail today. I came home and saw it and wondered, "I'm only expecting 2 packages, neither of which should have come yet. This is also an awkward size for a book. It came from Novel Novice. I wonder who they are?"
And then it hit me.
Yes, my beautiful green book is in my arms right now! I'm sooo excited to read it. (I've already sniffed it, but it doesn't have the New Book Smell.)

I was planning on posting this by itself, but Linger and finals invaded, so it's going in my big post. You noticed my Splash Team button for being a Forgive My Fins promoter. Well, in my Promoter Manila Envelop, I received 20  temporary tattoos and 20 bookmarks (along with a pin and a note.) This contest will be my First Followers Contest, in honor of 19 people + my big bro stalking following me. I plan to have a full post about this tomorrow, but I'm setting it up today.
I'd like to say that I have 20 people following me and 20 bookmark-tattoo sets, but my sissy, T, and I both have stolen. And I gave a bookmark to a classmate, so we now have 17 bookmarks and 18 tattoos. (And the tattoos are really cool!)
So this contest is to kill 2 birds with one stone: have my first contest, and recruit my bloggy friends as promoters.
1) 4 tattoos and 4 bookmarks to spread the Mer love! (Don't worry, you can keep one!)--TWO WINNERS!!
2) 3 of each--TWO WINNERS
3) 1 bookmark and 1 tattoo. One winner.
Now, I'd love to say that the Grand Prize is a copy of Forgive my Fins, but....not quite.

To win, you must be a follower. You get bonus entries as an oldie, so, as I'm announcing this in advance, if you follow TODAY or TOMORROW BEFORE IT STARTS, you'll be counted as an Oldie too! If you stalk follow after I post the form, you don't get the bonus entry.

Like my new layout? The left sidebar is for blog stuff, the right for ME stuff. Enjoy it! Tell me what you think in the comments!


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