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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Writing Rush, Contests and Comics! (oh, and packages)

Hello my blogging buddies!
Well, today is a writing day.
My arms and screaming at me to open up Microsoft Word and set them free.
First some back story.
Sometimes when I'm bored in class I'll write on my notes. Meaning: it could be anything from a time traveling paragraph* to scene from Eberheardt** to peoples' initials***, to a poem****. Today I wrote one little scene from Eberheardt. First period finished. Then I got bored during second period, so I pulled out a yellow legal pad thingy and began to write a battle scene. Now, this pad is, maybe, 8'5 (I'm probably way off). Splitting each line in half (more than twice as many words per line than usual!) I filled two pages, "just finishing the scene". Well, the scene, a very intense one, isn't finished.

I'm one of those people that, when they need to write, they feel it. Right now, the veins in my forearms and the muscles in my fingers are yelling at me. The veins is a weird thing. I get a weird feeling where I assume my veins are, and I need to write. Anyone else get like this?


Anyone? Anywhere?

Guess not.

Anywho, I would never leave you like that. So, I've got two contests to speak of, and a comic.

And, I just remembered. I got a package today(!!!!!) Sorry, it's not Linger yet. I actually got 2 packages. I got If I Stay by Gayle Foreman, from the wonderful Candace of Candyland. And, my gorgeous TImex watch came from Gearloop on eBay. No pictures, but I'll try to get you an image from Timex. :)

Now, for the comic:
(click on it to see the cut-off part)
This is from xkcd, the hysterically funny webcomics posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It's definitely worth it to bookmark them! (And no, I have not been bribed to say that ;) )


Current Music: Honestly by Cartel//Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cute (the 2nd song started while I was finishing up this post but after I posted Honestly)
Current Mood: Overtired and Writing Rush-filled. (I got 2 hours of sleep last night.)

*Done it. I might post it some time, if I can read it XD
**Done it several times
***You should see my 3rd period notes
****Can't recall doing it, but I'm sure people have.

I hold no responsibility for failed courses as a
result of following in my footsteps and writing during class.

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