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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Quick Post on Exploding Brains

Hello my bloggy friends,
So today I' going to give you a quick post on Exploding Brains.
My brain is exploding for several reasons.

1) I'm thinking about my Linger review, which is coming up soon. If you want a shortened version of it, scroll to the bottom of this page and look through my Shelfari books. Click on Linger and explore a bit until you find it.

2) I have not a single entry in my followers contest.

3) I'm failing at least a class or two, and I've got 2 more finals left.

4) On top of it all, I'm trying to squeeze in some writing AND a post on writing. But for now, I'll just redirect you to a great blog...
Wait. Forget it. I can't find it.
Anyways, a blogger that I stalk follow wrote a post about Show vs. Tell, and this one really made me get it. She used the example, "My heart pounded with fear" and explained how you can just say "my heart pounded" and the reader will know it's with fear. I never really got this one, but now I think I do! Thank you, whoever it is, and please tell me if this is from you! I'd love to give credit!

5) I have a mound of books that I'm desperate to read. A bunch from the library plus about 5000 that I own and need to read. (Okay, maybe not 5000.) A friend of mine is bugging me to read a book, because she wants to know what it's about.

I think that's all.


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