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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hundreds of Dimly Lit Corridors...

Hello my bloggy friends,
I never knew that there were so many dimly lit corridors in the world. Did you? It seems that every time I read a fantasy/historical novel, or sometimes other types, there's at least one dimly lit corridor. I noticed this the other day when I was reading Mistwood by Leah Cypess. I saw the words "dimly lit" and then the word "corridor" was on the next line. I knew it would say "corridor" before I'd even read it.
There are some phrases that are overused. I mean, why are all corridors dimly lit? And why say corridor? Why not stick with "the dark hallway"? Dramatic effect?
I think we use too many cliche phrases without even realizing it. Because we all think that no one will use "dimly lit corridor" and it's the only thing that fits my dark hallway. I think we need to stop using other people's phrases and start using something basic.
I'm going to start a non-campaign. When you write, think; is this something another writer came up with? Or myself?
Remember: You're a good writer. You don't need to use any cliche's; you have your own phrases to use.

Rant over. *steps off soap box*

So who's with me? Am I write about our "dimly lit corridor" cliches? Or do you beg to differ?


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  1. Haha, I'm totally with you - that's actually, I think, why it takes so long for me to write, because I think about EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE, that way. I know, crazy, right?

  2. I try not to use clichés unless it is my character using them in dialog. In my thinking my characters are GODS over their own dialog and can say anything they want, even if it is gibberish.

    But most of us writers are human, and therefore make mistakes. I've discovered good feedback and editing can help you find the things that will annoy a reader - but even then it won't find everything. We are all different and have different hang-ups so we get hung up differently - my main reason for having 13 editors.

  3. but, I forgot to say, yes "dimly lit corridor" is a rather boring way to say something, even if it is a cliché. I think it is more important to not say things in a boring way than it is to not use clichés. But, just my opinion.


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