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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Quick Announcements

Hello my bloggy friends,
To start off, I apologize for being MIA so much. Today was my last final, so I'm going to have some more time now.
Now, on to business.
I'll be posting a real blog post in a few minutes, but I have some announcements for now.

1)Remember when I won The Triskaidek? Well, I was recently speaking to Basil Sprig, the author and I was guilted offered to mention the book on the blog. Now, it's only $13 and it has a gorgeous cover, so take a look.(You may recognize the pictures of the book in the Product Image Gallery as the ones  uploaded onto here.)
I own a first edition of the book. This is the second, and the third is going to be there soon. But if you can't wait for the third edition, CLICK HERE to see the Amazon page!

2) I still don't have a single entry into my contest for Forgive My Fins swag. That means your chances are good! Contest ends July 1st.

3) Congratulations are in order for The Bookshelf Sophisticate on recently reaching 200 followers. She has an awesome contest running, so check it out!

4) On the topic of contests, I recently won one from Shelli on Market My Words. Throughtout this months she's having contest for some of her BEA book, meaning ARCs! Currently, The Duff ARC is up-for-grabs!*

5) Later today, expect another post. This on a new meme idea that was supposed to be posted yesterday.


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*No, Shelli did not bribe me with chocolate to link back to her. **
**Nor did she bribe me with Twizzlers.
***Or any other delicious edibles. ****
****I do this from the goodness of my heart. ******
*****Yes, as much as I deprive you of book contests, I have a heart.


  1. Wow, Riv, you are more amazing than I thought. I didn't even KNOW that the first edition made it all the way out to Amazon.

    OK, so a correction to the story: You own a first edition. There will be a third edition available soon on Amazon. The page is there (which I didn't know until now) but the book actually isn't. The second edition was never available because I found a mistake in it about 5 minutes after I made it available. Sigh. So, I pulled it off the market without a single copy ever sold. So, lets pretend the second edition never existed. Blink. Gone.

    Thanks so much!
    13asil Sprig

  2. Wow, this is amazing. Apparently is is possible to order a copy of the second edition after all. That makes me wonder what the buyer will actually get - second or third edition? Is it pre-sale?

  3. How thrilling to own a first edition!! :)


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