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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Break-Midway Mention And Did You Notice My Avatar?

Hello my bloggy friends,
So to start off, did you notice my new avatar? If you take a look-sy to your right-y, you'll see my new picture; me reading Linger.

Now, on to the post.
Midway Mention

It's a new thing I'm starting, as part of a book review. Around halfway through a book, I'll give you a sort of mini-review; what I think of it so far, what my current rating is, etc.
If you want, you can participate in MM too! All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me you're using MM, and link back to me whenever you do it!

To start off, I'm reviewing Break, by Hannah Moscowitz. I'm about 15 pages away from the halfway, so here it goes.

The plot of Break is really interesting. I was interested when I first saw it. Why would a boy break all of his bones? Why does he need to be stronger.
Jonah, the MC, is growing up in a messed up family. His brother is allergic to everything. His other brother cries all the time. Like, never stopping. And his parents argue. always.
Whatever. So, I was intrigued by his messed up family, and the breaking his body part. Obviously. There was a lot of swearing in the book. This can mean different things. It can give you an idea as to who the characters are, for example. Angst-ridden teens? Rebel teens? Angst-ridden rebel teens? Regular teens, which is the same as angst-ridden rebel teens?
In my opinion, a lot of swearing in a book is pointless. A few times has an impact, a lot just makes the words as plain as the other words-except certain readers will put the book down. If I swear in my writing, it's few and far between. Because every time you do, it's BAM! My character is angry, and the reader knows it. Break had too much swearing for my taste. It seemed pointless; swearing for the sake of swearing.

Visit Hannah's blog.

***3 stars so far. I wonder how it'll turn out.


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