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Monday, June 21, 2010

Picture Post- Linger and Contest Prizes!

Hello my bloggy friends,
So today I got a package in the mail; Vintage Veronica. So, I decided to bring back the pictures! I took a bunch of pictures of VV, and then some of other books that I haven't posted pictures of (Linger and If I Stay). So, I'm going to be giving you some pictures today, and probably throughout the week! I got some help from my sister T this time, so there's new types of pictures.
Today I'll show you some tons of Linger pictures, in honor of the review...
But first, I have a gorgeous picture of what you can win in my contest! This is both sides of the bookmark, and the tattoos!

The computer screen, announcing my victory. It's a bit blurry.

The front of the book.

The back. It has a short clip from the prologue.

The front flap. I'm only posting this because I've seen it online before, so I know it's not a spoiler.

Hugging Linger (There's the blue bracelet!)

And reading Linger. (I assure you, I haven't fallen asleep with it falling on top of me.)

Le gasp! The first page!

Sadly, I didn't get a green ink copy, so it's in dull black. But you get to see the word "Grace"!!



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