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Friday, June 25, 2010

Darn You, Writer's Block

Dear Brain,
Why must you torture me so? I feed you food, books, air, books, minerals, books, Twizzlers, books, music and...did I mention books?
What did I ever do to you to deserve this? You give me 52,975 solid words, plus several thousand hypothetical words*, and then you just QUIT!!
Why? Why? Why?
(This post is dedicated to Mary Cambell of Writer's Butt Does Not Apply To Me, in honor of her latest post.)
Now, where was I....
I finished up a chapter. They gallop off into the sunset. (Well, not quite into the sunset, as much as into the trees.) That's chapter sixteen. I write "Chapter Seventeen" in a fancy font. (Chapter Seventeen) Well, I write in bigger than that, but that's besides the point.
I write "Chapter Seventeen" and then I put in some open quotes, because I was planning to open with speaking.
Sad? Very. I ate a WHOLE TWIZZLER while staring. And I try not to waste Twizzlers.
So brain, tell me, why do you inflict this torture on me?


Current Music: She's Got a Boyfriend Now by BLG (I recently put Love Drunk on my computer, so it's the first time I'm hearing the song.)
Current Mood: Mildly PO'ed


  1. Staring and I have become quite good friends lately. He's quite a cool dude when you get to know him, and he actually listens when you tell him to stop staring at the screen. You just have to speak up and he'll willingly stare out the window for you instead ;o)

  2. Go back and reread what you wrote and it will return! (Your brain, I mean. Not the Twizzler. It's gone.)

  3. lol - thanks Riv Re - nice to know I'm not the only one who's suffering. We have about the same amount of words on our WIP's. I wonder if this is where most people get stuck. Here's to both of us getting past it.

  4. I'm with L. Diane, Riv. Back up and read... it is like getting a running start when you've got to run up a tall hill. ;)

    Happy Writing!


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