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Friday, June 4, 2010

Have a Six Flags Day with the Green Lantern (and participate in another contest!)(and see some of my writing crituqued at BF&F)!

So, our class went on a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday. (We got back late and I couldn't post, sorry!)
Backstory: My school has a charity event every year. The class/es that bring in the most miss a day of school to go to Great Adventures. Last year my class won, but I hated upside-down roller coasters. It was dull. Last summer, however, I was on the Hydra in Dorney Park. First. Looped. Coaster. Ever. And it was awesome.
So I was really excited to go to the very-intense, very-crazy amusement park. And I had a blast. I went on Rolling Thunder, Mine Train, El Toro, Batman, Dark Night, and Scream Machine. Unfortunately, Nitro was closed, we forgot Bizarro and Superman, and I had to wait with a friend during Kingda Ka, so I missed that one.

Now that that's all said and done (that sorta starts Over You by Chris Daughtry), on to the best part. After the roller coasters, we went wandering (passing one Dip'n Dots around 4 times) and came upon a little section (like, five square feet) where two superheroes stood. We saw Flash and Robin at one point, but didn't say much to them.

Note: We interrupt this blog with an important message: This post is dedicated to S.R, a classmate and Six Flags gal.
Now, after Flash and Robin, Green Lantern and Wonderwoman made an appearance. SR walked over to say hello, attempting to play dumb blonde. She made some jokes, at my expense, and wonderful GL (Green Lantern) backed me up. The three of us spoke about everything from getting mugged, to babies, to leather boots, to karma to the Beatles (he started singing Lucy in the Sky, and I told him it was before his time). It was fun. Oh, and high-fiving (can't forget, that's very important!).
Afterwards, we were still talking about him. SR, getting all jealous, claimed that he thought I was older, and that's why he liked me better. Never mind that we both wore identical uniforms. I'm almost a head taller than SR.
With my oozing sarcasm and awful jokes, with help from some friends,  we came up with my celebrity superhero crush. You know what I've decided? He's keeping his distance in order to protect me!
Now, here's SR attempting to draw (love ya, SR)---->
That's a picture of his ring and our initials in a heart (in case you can't tell) The awkward turtle moment came when another friend, DKP, said, a bit loudly, "and then Riv's boyfriend said..." and the bus fell silent.
And then we cracked up and I faked annoyance. This isn't the kind of thing I want my eachers knowing about, as non-existent as it is.
I'll never see him again.
I'm learning to accept the heart-ache.
There are a couple questions we regretted not asking him:
1) How old do you think we are? (me and SR)
2) What's your alias?
3) (We forgot this one, so I'll make it up now) Which one of us did you like more? After you called SR mean.

In other news, the lovely Natalie Whipple of Between Fact and Fiction critiqued the first 500 words of Eberheardt yesterday. View it here. This isn't actually the beginning of Emberhard. Scroll down to the comments to view my reason for not posting the prologue.

And finally, Ink In All Forms is hosting a kick-off contest! Win some lovely books (almost as lovely as Natalie)! Go here. Now.

Peace and enjoy your day,

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